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06-18- 01

11:OO pm
damnation - wench
midnight - machine in the garden
moebius - the mirror reveals
blue darkness - thread
this corrosion - sisters of mercy
double dare - bauhaus
wandering star - portishead
pepper - butthole surfers
atom bomb - fluke
love dump - static x
when worlds collide - powerman 5000
12:00 am
dust to dust - the misfits
kooler than jesus - thrill kill kult
blue monday - new order
nemesis - shreikback
touched - vast
new york - microchip league
exterminating angel - the creatures
medicine - time baby 3
innocente - delerium
I think I played something here - oh well
perfect drug - nine inch nails (video)
living dead girl - rob zombie
beautiful people - marilyn manson (video)
do you think I'm sexy - revolting cocks
ausoween - pwei/halloween
1:00 am
transylvanian concubine - rasputina
another world - beborn beton
annie would I lie to you - iris
kingdom - vnv nation
peek a boo - siouxie
army of me - bjork
flowers become screens - delerium
mr lovegroove - dead can dance
pictures of you - the cure
weapon of choice - fatboy slim (video)
southside - moby (video)
pussy - lords of acid
20th century boy - t rex
2:00 am

how soon is now - the smiths
kiss - london after midnight
under the milky way - the church
heroine she said - wolfsheim
thorns - wumpscut
visions of you - jah wobble
I don't know what I played here either
only when I lose myself - depeche mode
come undone - duran duran
naked - german guy cover
blasphemous rumors - depeche mode
around the world - daft punk

3:00 am
head like a hole - nine inch nails
words - missing persons
innocente - delerium