Zombie Room 2 - 10-12-01
(* = request for song or band, depending on location)

this mortal coil - song to the siren
cocteau twins - lorelei
dead can dance - the writing on father's hand
hans zimmer/lisa gerrard - now we are free (maximus mix)
sugarcubes - the hit
hooverphonic - mad about you
the smiths - what difference does it make?
fields of the nephilim - power
bauhaus - she's in parties
siouxsie & the banshees - *cities in dust
jesus & mary chain - reverence
love & rockets - so alive
depeche mode - enjoy the silence
kmfdm - juke joint jezebel
laibach - god is god
bigod 20 - the bog (shot mix)
my life with the thrill kill kult - sex on wheelz (motor city mix)
nine inch nails - sin (long version)
front 242 - headhunter
gruesome twosome - hallucination generation (syametic nightmare mix)
nitzer ebb - join in the chant
apotheosis - o fortuna (apocalyptiic chorus mix)
icon of coil - floorkiller (club mix)
die form - bite of god
apoptygma berzerk - eclipse (radio edit)
wolfsheim - once in a lifetime
beborn beton - another world
project pitchfork - *timekiller (and one mix)
vnv nation - *solitary
clan of xymox - *i want you now
skinny puppy - addiction
front line assembly - mindphaser
wumpscut - thorns
switchblade symphony - clown
sister machine gun - burn
depeche mode - dead of night
new order - true faith
peter murphy - cuts you up
*delirium - euphoria (firefly)
sinead o'connor - stretched on your grave
the cure - close to me (closer mix)
cibo matto - sugar water
massive attack - teardrop
portishead - mysterons
bjork - *unravel